My Hometown Underwater…Again

5/31/18 UPDATE: I'm sad to report that Sgt. Eddison Hermond did not survive the flooding. He was swept downstream trying to save an Ellicott City shop-owner who was stuck in her shop. Please keep his family and friends in your prayers. This is not the article I was going to write this week.  On Sunday,… Continue reading My Hometown Underwater…Again

Sustainable Living Challenge

Week 15: Get to Know the 5 R’s of Green Living

It's been another busy week!  So I am extremely grateful to have the Memorial Day Holiday.  As I write this, I'm riding the train down to Charlottesville to visit a friend for the weekend.  Since I have tons of leg space and a nice tray-table, I thought I would take the time to go over… Continue reading Week 15: Get to Know the 5 R’s of Green Living

Sustainable Living Challenge

Week 14: Public Transit by the Numbers

This week, I'm cat/dog-sitting for a friend in the city, which means that yoga has become an obstacle course.  It also means my commute is down to 15 minutes!  But normally it's quite a bit longer!  I could go about this commute any number of ways, but there are always options for making the commute more… Continue reading Week 14: Public Transit by the Numbers

Hippie Dippie Corner

Is an Eco-friendly Life a Rich Man’s Game?

I find it difficult to think about environmental issues without also thinking about social justice issues.  For example, when talking about eco-friendly, shade-grown coffee, I think it would be a disservice if I failed to mention how shade-grown coffee can provide socioeconomic benefits to communities.  However, I've come to think about the environmental movement in… Continue reading Is an Eco-friendly Life a Rich Man’s Game?

Hippie Dippie Corner

So…I broke my phone…

Hello lovely people!  So...I broke my phone this week.  I was finishing a climb while bouldering and just....you know...stepped on it.  This poor phone has put up with so much, but alas.  The screen is busted.  Thankfully, one of my tech savvy friends is hopeful he can fix it!  While I wait, I apologize for… Continue reading So…I broke my phone…

Sustainable Living Challenge

Week 13: She’s Got a Ticket to Ride (Public Transit)

Why drive when you can take public transit? This week I'm putting out a plug for riding the bus and using public transit to cut down your carbon footprint!