Who Am I?

IMG_20170513_160745783_HDRHi all!  My name is Abigail and I am a world traveler, bookworm, yarn enthusiast, cat-lover, proud nerd, hobbyist birder, and graduate school survivor!  And now that I am starting my second “serious” blog, I can add “blogger” to the list!  I have spent most of the past year traveling through New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, and Cambodia and writing some of my adventures down on my other blog.  My interests vary from conspiracy theories about the next Star Wars movie to clean drinking water in third world countries.

But now that I’ve decided to put the backpack away (for now), I’ve been rediscovering home and the things that are meaningful in my day-to-day life.  I’ve looked around and realized that it’s time to focus on one of my other passions: sustainable living.

The one thing that stuck with me the most throughout my time at university was the need for environmental education and science communication.  In my experience, most people you encounter truly want to have a positive impact on our planet.  The problem is, many of them are asking a seemingly simple question: “How?”

971914_10153042545225542_651691459_nWriting has always been a passion of mine, as is talking to people about sustainable living.  So I’ve decided to marry the two in this new blog!  I hope you will join me along this new journey!  I hope you are able to learn something from it.  And hey, if you’re REALLY luck, there will be plenty of nerdy references to go around!

Thanks for reading!  Alons-y!